Lamborghini Limo

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  • October 22, 2008

I noticed there were a ton of people that seem to be searching for Lamborghini Limos on Google and on other search engines. At first I figured hey why not it’s unique and I can easily see even myself becoming addicted enough to limousine designs and the limousine business that I would be willing to try and stretch any car out to see how it went.

Now wanting to do something and actually doing it re two very different things, sure I would love to see a stretch Lamborghini limousine but it doesn’t mean I would actually spend the money to do it. I ran across an article and found out that someone is planning on doing a stretch Lamborghini Gollardo limo. Who the hell would do that and why is what I thought, a Lambo is a hot car and a Gollardo is even hotter but to stretch out all that horsepower I don’t know if it would make it’s money back. After looking at the picture a few times which is a photoshop of the Lamborghini Gollardo limousine, if I find a real picture or they do the car I would love to see if it went into limo service or not.

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